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Senior Wellness Package

Exclusively for senior pets

The risks of cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and other serious conditions all increase with age.  Because pets are living longer today, it is likely that many will experience a potentially serious illness during their lifetime. These problems, if caught early can be successfully treated or controlled, giving your pet a longer and better quality of life.

In order to help care for your aging pets, we are now offering a Senior Pet Wellness Package, which can be purchased biannually. This offer includes:

Comprehensive Physical Exam

This includes Glaucoma and Dry Eye Screening.


(two views included:  if additional views are warranted, an extra charge will be applied).

Radiographs are a valuable tool for cancer and heart disease screening.

Bloodwork (Chemistry, CBC, Thyroid screen and urinalysis).

A chemistry test assesses organ health.

A CBC evaluates red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Thyroid function plays a role in metabolism.

A urinalysis provides a complete picture of hydration and kidney function.

Package pricing

If these tests are purchased individually, the cost would be $672.74.  If purchased as a package, the cost is reduced to $504.55.

Please be advised that this package is for HEALTHY senior pets, not those that are being evaluated for an illness or have any preexisting conditions.

Make an appointment today to start the path to better pet health.

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