Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Harbo treating Kite with the laser.

“Jordan” Quayle with goggles on ready for treatment.

Jordan’s owners say: “Our combined ignorance of modern technology would horrify a third grader! But we know one thing. Laser therapy works! It’s not just another faddish gimmick.”
Chris and Linda Quayle

Stella with goggles getting ready for her turn!

“Timmy” Miller getting started on his treatment.

Timmy’s owner says: “Timmy was not happy with the goggles, but he was very happy later that day exploring new places in the home he wasn’t interested in before. The afternoon of the first treatment he was jumping onto things and limping less! Has arthritis in his elbow but seems better after first treatment. Have been telling all my friends about this. They will want to come over and get treatment for themselves! Lol!”
Ursula Miller

“Feisty” getting ready for the goggles.

Feisty’s owners say: “After four visits, she has had the best agility class in forever.”

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